Monday 3 October 2022


Gandhi Jayanti and Lal Bahadur Shastri birth anniversary was celebrated on 2nd October 2022 at VKZPV Pahalgaon. The school organized a peace rally where children took part in it with great zeal and enthusiasm. After the peace rally, the programmes were started. A very inspiring speech was presented by Mr Saurav Soreng  in which he highlighted the importance of the day. Then Bhajan were performed by Teachers and students in a group i.e., Ramdhun and Vaishnav Janatho respectively. Later a small Swachhta  Abhiyan routine was held where students cleaned up the school premiseswith broomsticks. The end of the day, sweet were distributed.


Tuesday 13 September 2022



Universal Brotherhood Day is celebrated to commemorate the iconic and ground breaking delivery of Swami Vivekananda speech at Chicago for the World Parliament of religion. Swamiji's speech which was held on 11th  September 1893 showed the world the meaning enriched and diverse culture of India. At VKZPV Pahalgaon, UB day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The portrait of Swami Vivekananda was venerated and decorated with flowers.

 During the morning assembly Miss Meenu delivered a speech about highlighting the events that occurred on 11th  September 1893. The programme was organized afternoon session. 

The programme begun with a holy ritual of lightening of lamp and chanting of Ekya Mantra. One of the chief Guest of the event, Smti. Basanti Devi and the Principal lighted the lamp. Further, students of class IX and X presented bouquet to the chief guest Shri. Shasadhar Halder (Chair person of VMC), Shri. MV Pillai (Member of VMC) and smti. Basanti Devi (Zilla Parishad Member). 

The programme begun with an enlightening speech by Divyadarshni, student of class X followed by a series of cultural activity which involved Patriotic dance (Duet,Group and Solo) performed by students of class IX & X. 

Also, a Patriotic song was performed by students of class IX. Miss Meenu once again reminded the audience (parents and students) the journey of Swamiji from Bombay to Chicago.


Furthermore prizes were distributed to the students who participated on various competitions held for Ganesh Chaturthi and UB Day. 

Our Chief Guest, Shri. MV Pillai beautiful spoke about "Universal Brotherhood Day". Also, Smti. Basanti Devi, Our Chief Guest also added her thoughts on the wonderful occasion. 


At last, the Principal was requested to present memento to our Chief Guests and finally a vote of thanks was presented by Miss Reena Laxmi. The Programme ended with a Concluding Mantra.  

Tuesday 6 September 2022

Teacher's Day

 Teacher's Day

Teacher's Day is celebrated in India every year on 05th September to appreciated the role played by the teachers in the life of students - the leaders of tomorrow. The day is celebrated to pay tribute to Dr Sarvepalli Radakrishnan, former Vice-President, then President of our country and a visionary educator. Vivekananda Kendra Zilla Parishad Vidyalaya celebrated the day with great enthusiasm and joy. The whole event was meticulously planned by Sir Nirmal Biswas and Madam Meenu (Class Teacher of class X). The portrait of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was venerated and adorned with flowers. 

The student of class X were dressed up in Saree and formal Shirts - pants and showcased themselves as school teachers, Physicals teachers and a Headmistress. Miss Divyadarshani, Pupil teacher dressed herself as the Headmistress. as per the guidelines of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, the Monday assembly guideline was performed by the group of pupil teacher. The Headmistress addressed herself and presented an enlightening speech, highlighting the importance of the day. After the dispersion of assembly, the teachers of our school along with pupil teacher offered flowers to the portrait of  Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

 The pupil teacher conducted the classes from Class I - Class IX for the first two periods. Then, after the lunch, the last two periods were taken to organize a small and simple programme. Considering the circumstances of the weather, the programme was held on the school playground. Miss Sangeeta Das  (X) and Miss Ayushi Mahtho (X) were the hosts for the event and the event was gracefully begun with three "Omkaras" followed by Starting Mantra. 

Then, Miss Divyadarshini of Class X presented a speech in English and expressed the significance of the day. 

Two bhajans based on Guru from class X, two duet dance, one from class IX (Miss Udita Bhakta and Miss Barsha Samaddar), and another from class X (Miss Anisha Barwa and Miss Ayushi Mahtho) were also performed, one after the other. 

Also Miss Anisha Barwa (X) shared her experience of the day as well. Finally, Miss Sangeeta Das gave a Vote of Thanks and the event was come to a conclusion with Concluding Mantra. The entire programme was managed by the students of class X which was entertained, enjoyed and very much applauded till the end. 

" A Teacher Takes A Hand, Opens A Mind And Touch The Heart."  

Thursday 1 September 2022



Festival build group cohesiveness. Festivals inform, educate, bring people together  break the monotony of routine and give us a chance  to re-energize our body, mind and spirit. of all the festivals, Ganesh Chaturthi is the most colourful one. Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival that marks the birthday of Lord Ganesha. 

Puja ritual began at 09:00am where the portrait of load Ganesha was venerated and adorned with flowers. The bhajans were performed by Shipra Madam and Meenu Madam. 

The Bhajan was breathtaking and won the little bloomings from class I to class VIII brought hand-made clay models of Lord Ganesh, prepared by themselves, for the clay model competition. 

Clay model were very life- like with intricate sculpting and artistic finesse. 

Also, a rangoli competition was held for an hour. where the group of four students, each were representing the houses namely Shompen, Jarawa, Sentinel and Onges, participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The theme for the rangoli competition was " A picture of lord Ganesha". After the bhajan, students and teachers offered flowers to the portrait. the ceremony was come to an end after the Prasad distribution. 

Friday 19 August 2022




VKZPV Pahalgaon celebrated Janmashtami on the eve of Lord Krishna's birthday on 18th August  2022 in the School premises  with great zeal and enthusiasm. Mrs. K Aarthi, Teacher, highlighted the significance of the blissful occasion, stressing on the relevance of Load Krishna's teaching regard to the present situation in school assembly.

After the prayer, students sang bhajan  dedicated to Load Krishna in their respective classes in the presence of their class teachers.  in the Afternoon, a small and attractive program was conducted under the supervision of Mr. Nirmal Biswas. The Program was commenced with the lighting of the traditional Lamp by Miss. Ajitha Kumary VK followed by an enthralling bhajan. 

Then the slokas of Gita were chanted by the students followed by a heart touching speech made by Mr. D Vijay Kumar depicting the Life history of Load Krishna. The program was concluded with Vote of Thanks by Mr. Asish Biswas.

Tuesday 16 August 2022

75th Independence Day


On 15th August 2022, VKZPV Pahalgaon observed and celebrated 75th Independence day with great pump and enthusiasm. The Chief Guest of the day was Smti. Basanti Devi, Zilla Parishad Member, Pahalgaon. The celebration began with "Prabhat Feri",Rally, in which all the students of class KG-I to class X participated in it. 

After reaching the school, students were formed in a row and columns. 

The Flag was hoisted by the Chief Guest and Everyone saluted the National Flag then National Anthem was sung followed by National Song. Then, a pledge was taken, read and followed by Principal, teachers and students of VKZPV Pahalgaon. Later, Principal sir was made a speech stressing on the significant of the day.

  Then a speech was made by Drishti of class IX followed by patriotic dance by Nidhi Gudia and Deveshree from class VIII.

Later, Our Chief Guest expressed few words and the event came to an end with a vote of thanks by M Meenu. Sweets were distributed to the students and staff at the end of the day.


Friday 12 August 2022



On 11th August 2022, VKZPV Pahalgaon observed and celebrated "Raksha Bandhan" with great enthusiasm and pump. The event was celebrated inside the classroom with a  beautiful blackboard decoration. The students were requested to sit on the floor , so that the girls could tie the Rakhi to the boys. The boys and girls were made to sit, face - to - face. 

The boys placed their right hand forward and the girls tied Rakhi after applying Tilak on the forehead.

Later the boys provided sweets to their beloved sisters. 


Students were formed in two groups along
with an escort teacher. Team 1 was Reena Madam along with Sangeeta, Shaheena & Ritisha. They proceeded to GSSS Pahalgaon.

Team 2 was Nirmal Sir along with Drishti, Brishti,Divyadarshni.They proceeded to Department of Education Office. Both teams tied the Rakhi to the people. 

At School, two dance programme was also presented by Diya & group from class IX and Kalyan from class VIII. The event was taken place  following the Covid Protocol.

Saturday 16 July 2022



A Guru is like a Candle, it consumes itself to light the way of others

The auspicious occasion of "Guru Purnima" was celebrated with great pump and joy by Vivekananda Kendra Zilla Parishad Vidyalaya, Pahalgaon on 13th July 2022 (wednesday). The arrangement of the programme was conducted by Mr. Nirmal Biswas and Miss. Vijisha V Nair.

The Programme began with the holy chanting of " three Omkaras" along with the starting Mantra. Firstly, the "Guru Mantra" was chanted and lead by Mrs. Shipra Saha which was followed by the students. 

Then a melodious moment of Bhajan was presented by teachers and students of our school.

Mr D Vijay Kumar faculty of our school presented an enlightening speech in which he highlighted the importance of "Guru" in our lives, followed by final touch of Devotional song by the teachers of our school.

Finally, the session further enlightened with the golden words of Principal where he emphasized the beauty of "Sanatana Dharma". 

The programme came to an end with a Vote of thanks presented by Mr. Saurav Soreng, teacher of our school followed by the Concluding Mantra. 

Wednesday 6 July 2022



On 21st June 2022 was celebrated as International Yoga Day on behalf of that our school organized several competitions like Slogan, Painting and Essay for various classes in Online mode.

Physical Demonstration of YOGA was conducted during summer vacation on 21st June 2022 in the school campus along with 28 students under the guidance of Shri. Nirmal Biswas faculty VKZPV Pahalgaon.

Wednesday 20 April 2022

matru puja


यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवताः ।

On 19th April 2022, VKZPV Pahalgaon celebrated Matru Puja in the school premises to strengthen the bond of love and respect between mothers and children. parents and children reported the school at 09:00 am. Twenty-Seven students attended the puja along with their parents out of 30. 

As per the instruction, students washed the holy feet of Mothers and they were escorted to puja hall. 

Miss M Meenu and Miss Priyanka Malwar teachers greeted the parents and put chandan.

The honorable Principal of this esteemed institution spoke about the significance of the day. He reminded the students of the countless sacrifices of Mothers. He further spoke on Mothers-Child relationship and the role of  culture in strengthening this bond.

The traditional lamp was lit along with Ekya Mantra. 

One of the Teacher, Mr Amit Kumar Mani commenced puja by chanting mantras and instructions were given to the students regarding puja.

As per the instruction, students worshipped their Mothers by apply Chandan and Kumkum on their feet.  

They took Aarti with diya and agarbatti. The emotional Mothers blessed them wholeheartedly. 

After the puja, one of the Parents Mrs. Radhika , shared her experience and appreciated the school for performing puja. 

Thereafter Principal and all the teachers blessed the students and issued the Hall Ticket.

Eventually, Prasad was distributed to all.